What Else Is Out There #5: Just James

Just jamming from left to right: Kerridge, Anthony, Reeves, Child, Young and Mehew

Just jamming from left to right: Kerridge, Anthony, Reeves, Child, Young and Mehew

For the fifth edition of What Else Is Out There, we’re off to Nottingham to greet a dance act who aren’t entirely what you’d expect from the genre, especially when performing live! Though there’s six of them, it’s Just James.

Alex ‘Motormouf’ Young (rapping vocals), Ella Reeves (singing vocals), Ben Kerridge (guitar), James Child (bass), Jake Mehew (keys) and Joseph Anthony (drums) form what is quite a unique combination; the sounds of live rock music and house/drum n bass tunes brought together to make a storming impact on the Midlands music scene.

Since their own formation in 2010, they have stopped by Burton a number of times to deliver their brand of electronic/dubstep/rock/hip-hop/soul/zydeco/leetcore/whatever the hell else music (they dubbed themselves ‘science fiction rock and roll’ if that’s easier) and that is why they are featured on Brewtown Music!

That and Motormouf's pits here give Jack Poxon's a run for his money!

That and Motormouf’s pits here give Jack Poxon’s a run for their money!

But the tale here begins before all that though, we have to go back to 2008, where the public performing days of a young lad called Alex Young began and developed into being an instrumental (pardon the pun) part of the urban music scene of Nottingham with his style of human beatboxing that was looking to emulate the likes of Beardyman and Dub FX.

His main inspiration though was American beatboxer Rahzel, former member of The Roots and known for his vocal work on SSX and SSX Tricky. So much like a lot of musicians, Young’s beatboxing was self-taught…not that I know of many beatbox teachers anyway!

The big solo highlight came when Young entered into the Midlands heat of the Vauxhall UK Beatbox Championships in 2010 where, after some very impressive and funny beatboxing, got to the heat final but unfortunately lost to LucasTheBeatbox. I think my thoughts on his loss are summed up here.

Oh well, 3:42 will let that news go down easier!

Towards the end of that year, Young was invited to watch his college buddy’s (Child) band Just James play at a Christmas party in the Stealth club in Nottingham. He was very impressed with the band’s unique sound and after Anthony invited him for a jam to see what it would sound like to have a rapper in the group, he impressed so much that they decided to have him on as the sixth member of the band.

Just James themselves formed in October 2010 and Young had his first gig with them in April 2011 (the same month as a gig at the  after a shining first few months of performing that earned them a spot on the shortlist for the 2011 YNot Festival (Dammit how many more times do we have to hear about that one?!). Unfortunately though, they didn’t make the final cut.

After a good few months of recording, the band put out their first EP Keep Calm and Rave On Vol 1 on June 24th which they would promote at festivals they were performing at that Summer which were Ripley Music Festival in June and the Nottingham Waterfront in August.

Keep Calm and Rave On: Zack Ryder approved!

Keep Calm and Rave On Vol 1: Zack Ryder approved!

In September, they would headline at The Maze music bar in Nottingham with Notts ska giants The Breadchasers and post punk indie band Tribal Suns. Being a Nottingham based act, they would be frequent performers at The Maze throughout their run as an act with their first gig there being in May.

In October, they had two very important gigs, in the context of this article of course, as they performed at battle of the bands competition in Derby for a chance at a record deal and their very first gig in Burton at the good ole Wetmore Whistle! Everyone goes there!

Just as a way to plug another Midlands music lover, Nottingham live music promoters Nusic had the band on their show also in October to promote them as well as perform an Invaders Must Die-like number called The Bassment.

We are the Just James!

The band began 2012 with some very good news. Through their shows in Derby and their battle of the bands competition, they were signed to Belper-based independent record label and music production team Sound Hub! Other bands signed to this label are Derby-based independent rock acts Whitemoor and James Warner Prophecies.

Two more notable gigs in Spring included a charity performance for Oxfam that also included Derby MC Eyez in April that raised £430 and a big performance at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall on June 1st for the Queen’s Jubilee that was more of a play on the word queen for a Gay Pride concert!

But in a major highlight in June, they became a part of the 2012 Burtfest (redundancy is redundant I know!) performing on the Arch Stage on Saturday 16th June that also featured Great Scott, The Vibe and Riding the Low.

But we all know who the stars are…the band nobody there had heard of!

They would end up returning to Burton, to the Star and Garter specifically, later in the month to attempt to save the Wetmore Whistle after Burtfest left the former Whistle owner Ben Brettell in massive debt with a fundraising gig along with The Vibe, Get Cubs and Kitten Pyramid.

To build towards an album release, they released a single on July 16th called Red Light Means Go which is notable for climbing all the way to #11 on the iTunes Electronic charts! That’s not like Reverbnation’s country/county divisions either, that’s official!

Arguably, one of the biggest crowds they have ever played to came towards the end of July with their performance at the Nottingham Pride Festival where they played on the main stage in front of 20,000 people and supported Basshunter of all people!

Suddenly Burtfest feels pretty small right now!

Suddenly Burtfest feels pretty small right now!

Two more big gigs in November closed out 2012 for them with the first on Nov 2nd at Nottingham Rock City supporting Follow You Home and Sonic Boom Six and on Nov 22nd headlining at the Nottingham Bodega along with support from Great Scott and The Afterdark Movement. These also promoted a new free downloadable song See It Through released on the 27th.

2013 gave them a mini-festival at the Derby Assembly Rooms in January that had House of Thieves and Kitten Pyramid on the card…but due to heavy snow, it was re-scheduled for March 23rd where Jamie Joseph and Get Cubs were added to the mix! It even snowed THAT day too but it didn’t deter the willing!

On April 14th, they released their new single Limitless which when released also made a pretty good push up the iTunes Electronic Chart making it #29 this time and had it’s own music video released on the 21st.

Wherever they are, The Prodigy are not far behind, or in front...eh whatever!

Wherever they are, The Prodigy are not far behind, or in front…eh!

After performing again at the Whistle with The Sixth Letter at the start of June, they ended the month being a part of XStatic Festival in Swadlincote which also featured Get Cubs, Raptorial and We Were Ghosts.

But that was not the biggest festival announcement they had, as their already exciting announcement of them performing at Strawberry Fields Festival wasn’t big enough, they were told they would be opening the Festival on Friday on the Main Stage! Get Cubs were at this festival too as well as more mainstream acts The View and The Enemy.

After a big summer of festivals, they were set to perform what they said was their ‘biggest gig of the year’ at the OxJam Soiree set for 29th October which was promoted with a humorous little Youtube ad.

Though I don’t know what gave me more whiplash, the camera pans or Young’s line delivery!

With new songs in the pipeline, a gig supporting the legendary Dub Mafia at the Maze and a summer festival season announcement of Bearded Theory to come, who knows what else is set for Just James in 2014?

Buggered if I know, so let’s just look at the music itself now! Midlands Music Maniacs described them as the ‘Who needs class A’s when you’ve got these lot’ lot! Yep, I’d say that sounds about right!

Just James‘s sound has a massive presence whether being performed on stage or simply being blasted through your headphones. With influences from The Prodigy (of course!) and Pendulum spurring their sound on, their music commands your attention whether it be the rock base sound, the electronica buzzings, Young’s lyrical drops or Reeves’ soulful singing.

One song to listen to is their first single Red Light Means Go which already seems like something the high guy meme would say and that contradiction forms a good basis for song and immediately hits you full-on with the bass blares at Young’s furious rhymes!

Young’s lyrics, which I’m not even going to list they’re going by so fast, are delivered in a way that makes you think that this guy is not going to let anyone tell him to stop what he’s doing since he’s going by at such a pace, it’d be like an OAP kindly asking a truck from Maximum Overdrive to slow down!

The instrumentation is just as hard as the vocal performance from Young, but Reeves’ singing give it an almost calming quality despite the fury still remaining!

I can lose half my beard to this!

I can lose half my beard to this!

Another track to look at is Limitless which judging by that title is already going to be as ‘full-on’ as the previous track and the JJ lot don’t disappoint! Drum and bass are officially approved on Brewtown Music!

The keys riff at the start provides a steady flow to the energy to follow which the band provides in spades and can be seen done in the music video. Dan Lowe, the producer and mixer at SoundHub also needs recognition for providing their music as well as this one with great care and consideration to make the most hard-hitting track possible!

With Young’s flawless flow providing the verses and Reeves’ chorus line of “To know no bounds, is a merry-go-round”, the vocal work does give the band’s rock/dance sound it’s own unique identity and prove that EDM is not the only option for those who want to mosh to dance music! Still though, check them out and judge for yourself!

In closing, Just James give rock and dance another great union and have graced Burton with their presence a good number of times along the way! With more tracks and big festivals on the way, they’ll be sure to get everyone moving and opportunities could be limitless! A hardcore serving of Brewtown tunes to you, from Burton and beyond!


Just James’ Stuff

Official Website: http://www.wearejustjames.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeAreJustJames

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wearejustjames

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/WeAreJustJames

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeAreJustJames

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What Else Is Out There #4: Alex Blood

In this piece, there will be Blood!

In this piece, there will be Blood!

There is a big market out there for both hip hop and ska so why not fuse the two? Clearly this guy had the right idea since he has become one of the most recognised and celebrated musicians in Derby. Digging for gold, it’s Alex Blood!

The Midlands scallywag Alex Blood can boast a career in music that spans over a decade with many influences behind his sound and many gigs performed all over the country. Sure you could say that about many acts out there, but Blood has built a large enough following and punchy enough sound to cement himself as a local (in Derby) music legend.

Blending rock, hip hop, funk and reggae with a no-nonsense Midlands sensibility, Blood with his band The Diggers have just as complex a interesting story as their sound so let’s dive right into it.

They're more than just the Derby Chili Peppers, but that would be pretty cool too!

They’re more than just the Red Hot Derby Peppers, but that would be pretty cool too!

Born in 1982 in Derby, Blood set his sights on becoming a musician/producer in the same vein of Jamie Beau with his experiences stretching as far back as May 2001! But we need to go back even further to see how Blood got into the sordid world of the hippity hop as far as the mid 90s when an impressionable young Blood got into rap music.

“I’d moved from an outer-city school to an inner-city and just got into the whole inner-city culture and was exposed to more Hip Hop.” This love of rap was explained in this interview with BBC Derby news in 2004 which was one of his first known interviews to the public. Not a bad start eh?

This soon hyped up the release of his first full EP simply known as The Alex Blood EP under Deprogrammed Productions, the same production he was under when he produced the Deprogrammed Presents, a hip hop collaboration with multiple underground MCs across the UK.

Over the next few years, Blood would soon start gaining ground towards becoming a very well-known recording artist/producer with his next few records. These were the Blood Makes Noise EP from 2005 and The Preface 23 track mixtape released in 2006 featuring guest spots from Reggiimental and MC Rukus.

Youtube video of theirs from 2006! 240p we meet again!

From 2007 onwards, Blood’s profile was boosted even further when, at the beginning of 2007, became the Creative Facilitator & Workshop Leader at Baby People Studios in Derby. The jobs involved in this position are to deliver year long schemes of work to young people who are usually hard to reach and try to engage them and help improve their lives.

This form of community service is something that he does not only with Baby People, but also with BBC Blast that same year until 2009, Kingsmead School in Derby, Positive Activities for Young People at Derby Connexions and The Derby Youth Offending Services. He has also travelled to Chesterfield and Corby to deliver his music workshops.

But it was also in 2007 when Blood, Baby J and a few other Derby MCs worked together on a remix of Mark Ronson’s version of Valerie which was played on MTV Base! Yes, TV exposure as opposed to the usual radio exposure which we will get onto of course!

Music on MTV? Sorcery!

A major highlight from 2008 came when Blood was able to tour with the one and only Jay-Z! HE needed to watch his throne cos I’m sure Blood would have taken it!

After he released a ten track album in 2009 The Unlucky Winner is… , he decided he wanted to expand the sound he had even further and develop some of the tracks he’d made previously into more of a band feel. Enter…The Diggers!

On September 2010, Blood released the first Diggers EP It’s a Free Country which developed some of the songs off The Unlucky Winner is such as Scallywag, Tired of Workin’ and Sticky Song.

The Diggers current line-up consists of Blood himself, Gregoir Dominic Jackson, Chevy-jordan Thompson, Nathan Rickards (who has helped produce Blood’s EPs) and Duane Acton.

And Cow and Chicken's Dad here on top a bin!

And Cow and Chicken’s Dad here on top of a bin!

The next release for the band would come on April 1st 2011 with The Manifesto EP. No Alex, what you do is you say you release it on April 1st but release in on another day because…never mind!

The Diggers would score two big festival gigs in May and August with Glastonbudget and YNot, the latter having Tilted Smile, Max Raptor and Crushing Blows on the cards with them on The Allotment stage.

The Diggers would close out 2011 with a set on Radio Derby on December 21st and also Alex would give us quite an impassioned spoken word piece about the state of the country all in the name of slagging off reality TV. Gwarn!

WARNING: Contains politics

Doomsday year started off very well for Blood and The Diggers with some BBC Radio 6 Music airplay presented by Steve Lamacq with their song Living in the Red off the Manifesto EP. They would also make a YNot return come August because why not? (Ducks flaming pitchfork)

Come 2013, Blood, already having a big profile as a soloist and producer was getting even more publicity with The Diggers, with the release of two singles in February. These were Say Hello and Wake Up, both of which were supported by Radio 1 with the latter getting its own remix done at Maida Vale BBC. These releases were also there to hype up Baby J’s upcoming Baby People album.

A massive gig came for The Diggers on June 1st as they would perform at Party in the Car Park in Canterbury supporting the likes of Mista Jam, Chase & Status and Labrinth!

Over the rest of the Summer, Blood would be working, both on and off the stage a few times with both Derby-based R&B artist Jamie Joseph and good ole’ rap duo Great Scott. All three acts jammed together in July in preparation for a massive Radar Love event which would also feature all three acts and serve as Blood’s Derby comeback and as a single launch/record label launch for his new label Sheepskin Beats.

Best visual representation possible!

Best visual representation possible!

The gig was very well received and gave not only Blood a triumphant comeback but some good publicity for the release of his new single The Way I Do which was also featured alongside Great Scott‘s Let Me Down Easy and Jamie Joseph‘s Hit the Ground Running.

Before aired on BBC Radio 6 again in October, this time by Tom Robinson and for The Way I Do, the band officially announced they would spend the rest of the year recording for a proper album which they will look to release in Spring 2014.

Whoo! Quite the history, but it’s time to look at the music itself. There are certainly a lot of things here with Blood and The Diggers and Blood is able to pull a lot of musical ideas of very well.

And the flatcap, he pulls that off well an' all!

And the flatcap, he pulls that off well an’ all!

Even as far back as his solo MC days, he’s always been one to slip acoustic instruments into the mix like on his first ever EP on tracks like on Freedom (Man Bleedin’) and this blend of genres has been a staple of his music for over a decade of writing and producing music for himself and others.

So with such a massive discography like this, it was hard to narrow it down to a few recommended tracks. If I were to ultimately, I’d suggest two of his Diggers songs Scallywag and The Way I Do.

The former Scallywag is a cool and confident ska track with Blood singing the whole time rather than rapping. He cockily introduces himself which fits since it is the first track off his first Diggers release (though the original is on The Unlucky Winner is...) and shows that you can either like him or lump him and you can take him for what he is instead of what you think he is or want him to be:

I said Hello! How do you do?

My name is Alex Blood it’s scallywag to you! (2x)

You don’t know me, you see you think you do

So I must do my best to show my face to you

You’re so phony, you think that it’s the truth…

The latter The Way I Do is my personal favourite of the two and despite it being another song about personal identity, it is much more brutally honest about how he lives his life and what the state is about the place that he lives in.

This fiery, yet still laid back political anthem tackles a lot of those problems oop North such as unemployment, trying to make ends meet, local shops closing down and just overall barely being able to make it through a day.

When he talks about ‘burying me head’ it serves as quite an apt expression for how we are reluctant to deal with our problems and always talk about finding solutions but never do or follow through with the ideas we have to make things better. Either way, if you feel this way about modern times, check out the song below! You can also catch a Great Scott cameo!

In conclusion, Blood is an artist hard to pinpoint and I think that’s a good thing. Someone who’s not going to be pigeonholed and try everything he can get his hands on and it pays off very well due to his poetic and musical talents. I’d definitely recommend him in time for his new album coming out this year. Go on you scallywag and thanks for stopping by for some Brewtown tunes, from Burton and beyond!

Blood’s Stuff

Official Website: http://www.alexblood.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexbloodmusic

Bandcamp: http://alexblood.bandcamp.com/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/alexblood

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alexblood

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/alexblooduk

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Brewtown #6: Great Scott

From left to right (or just left from where they're looking) - Young Criss and Jaws

From left to right (or just left from where they’re looking) – Young Criss and Jaws

Yo, waddup, peace and all those other frivolous things to say on the street! I present to you, Burton’s premier (code for ‘only’) hip hop act and co-owner of the best beard in the genre with Scroobius Pip, GREAT SCOTT!

Jacob ‘Jaws’ Wilshaw and Christoper ‘Young Criss’ Nicol form what they describe as “White boys + Hip Hop + Back to the Future references.” Simple yet effective and that’s how I’d personally describe Great Scott. A duo that don’t seem much at first glance, but have the charisma and, dare I say it, swagger to pull off an entertaining and flowing set that can get the crowd jumping, bumping, crumping or all of the above (oh the spines that have been broken attempting to do so!)

It’s the typical old school hip hop drill with record samples and scratches but with a Burton spin. I don’t know how most hip hop purists would take that, but it’s my blog and I’m sticking with it!

The story of This is Heavy” starts with a young lad from the Midlands raised by the sounds of the street and…his parents I’d assume, Jacob Wilshaw. From the age of 15, he was already recording mixtapes and performing at small gigs and open mic nights which is very much an anomaly in Burton on Trent since the majority of the music being recorded and performed there was rock while rap was incredibly scarce. Despite this, Jaws pushed on and did the regular gig pattern as all other local acts do and gained a following with some competition among the way. Some bitter, senseless, angry competition!

Although I’m less offended by the production and rapping than I am by the Microsoft Publisher job on this backdrop!

Just to remedy this, here’s a bit of Jaws’ early freestyle work with a small cameo from MC Dogwalker!

But where does the other half come in? Well Young Criss came into the picture in a similar fashion to Jaws, writing poems which then graduated into rap songs. In a way it still is isn’t it? It’s just got a beat and some obscure as hell record samples now! The two met in 2009 through watching each others performances and a mutual love of hip hop which spurred them to pool their talents together and start collaborating on each others work.

However they did need a beat maker, a DJ that would be able to create the beats and sound they needed to make fully fledged rap numbers out of their words to a simple beat. That man, originally was ‘Kid’ Keith Barlow, a Burton college tutor who was quite proficient on the decks and could make the instrumentals that the two MCs needed. Thus, “1.21 GIGAWATTS?!” had officially begun to make some noise!

And make some noise they did! These three refused to be pigeonholed into just being a novelty act but at the same time aimed to keep it real because by Criss’ own admission in a Burton Mail interview: “I’m a geeky guy with thick glasses and a bad haircut and I’m not trying to be something I’m not.” That and a kickass beard which probably would explain their rise to prominence in Burton music!

Since their start in 2010, “Why don’t you make a like a tree?” released their first EP No Strings in November 2011, have set out on national tours spreading from Derby to London, have performed on stage at big UK festivals such as Strawberry Fields, Y Not and Glastonbudget and have had their work promoted on BBC Radio Nottingham, Radio 1 and 1Xtra, being praised by Professor Green of all people and being able to meet Fearne Cotton while they were at it!

Well Fearne is accustomed to some right 'Lemons' so it seemed appropriate!

Well Fearne is accustomed to some right ‘Lemons’ so it seemed appropriate!

Hear their side of the story between their acoustic performances on BBC’s The Beat

But even in 2013 will all of this hype and release of upcoming single Back To the Boom Bap, the members of “Buttheads!” each have their side projects. Jaws has another rap project which is a collaboration with fellow MC Skrufayce and DJ Joe Bird Raptorial. Formed in 2010, a big highlight that comes from this collaborative effort includes a rap remix of the Rush classic Tom Sawyer which I don’t know what many rock purists out there will make of it but I’d recommend at least one listen.

Young Criss has another project, but not a musical project, at least not primarily. An independent clothing brand no less! Young Criss co-founded Rhymesquare with Jon Paul-Kaiser in 2012 as a way of taking the artwork that the two had done for years on the music covers of “88mph” and put them onto T-shirts for a way to help fund the band. The brand itself is represented by it’s mascot: A friendly little bear!

Or: Pedobear's nude(r) urban cousin

Or: Pedobear’s nude(r) urban cousin

Rhymesquare is also a collaborative effort with other local rappers, MCs and R&B artists to help gain exposure for other lesser known acts who want a push towards greater things. The most recent effort being a free download compilation album RhymeSquare Volume Four – Bridging The Gap which feature “We don’t need roads” themselves as well as Derby based Ska band Alex Blood and the DIggers and R&B and soul singer Jamie Joseph.

This year, the role of DJ has been re-branded from ‘Kid’ Keith to ‘Sixth Letter’ Fletch whose own work has been heard not just in the UK, but in Japan too! The debut single was the original 7” vinyl version of Heavy Stepper, released by 7 Hills Records, the second being a single called Masquerade under the pseudonym Mr.F on Curli-que Records and the third was the EP Feather Your Nest, released and distributed in Japan by Tokyo based Chateaudisc. Heavy Stepper was also playlisted by the legendary John Peel back in 2003!

But we come to the time again when we look past the history and look at them as an act. I can definitely see from their live performances and manner that they don’t take themselves seriously, but they take what they DO seriously which is an important mind-set for many different types of performance.

Even as one of the few hip hop acts from Burton, they do hold their own amongst the many rock acts in terms of production, performance and song-writing ability. Jaws’ sharp flow and cheeky delivery sets him up as the diminuitive smack-talker of the pair whereas Young Criss’ straight-forward approach makes him the stalwart of the two.

Their songs range from a one night fling and the clingy aftermath (No Strings Attached Pt 1 and 2), frustration with a nightclub not playing the music you want to hear (Indie Rock and Jagerbombs) and being so poor you’ll proclaim to the world that you’d rather go to your Mummy’s for a curry…hell yeah! (I Need Some Money).

Two songs I like in particular though are Grapevine and Miss Music. The first being their own hip hop version of the Marvin Gaye classic Heard It Through the Grapevine complete with a sample from said classic. It treads similar ground of the original with it’s themes of discovering a partner’s cheating ways but is delivered with fury from both Jaws and Young Criss. It does take a turn in the third verse though, with Jaws revealing that he is no better than the woman/women who’ve cheated on him before.

“I ain’t gonna lie I’ve done the same,

felt fly and decided to run my game.

Man I messed up and it wasn’t even worth it

But I guess that I deserved it!”

This contrast of morals is a welcome change and spin on the original song and addresses both sex’s casual attitudes towards adultery.

The second song Miss Music is a much more positive song with a slightly more complex production than the mix and sample routine of some of the previous numbers. Despite having a sample of Barefoot Jerry’s “Smokies”, drums, bass and saxophone are added to the mix from Lee Gilbert, Robert Makin and Gemma Bower respectively. The metaphor of being in love with music is obvious when you listen to the lyrics:

“The first time she could tell I was nervous 
A virgin when it came to spraying my verses
I introduced myself like “Yes, Mic Check”
Ever since right then she’s been stuck in my head”

But both Jaws and Criss deliver the metaphor with style and a touching honesty which in a way, shows a commitment and a drive towards doing the best for their craft, but before I make this analysis too cheesy, I’ll also state that the production is just as smooth with great deck work from Fletch and the guest instrumentalists who blend right in to the “Do we become assholes or something?” mix.

Despite at first seeming like a bunch of goofy white guys trying too hard to stand out from the crowd, Great Scott (Yes, I’ve exhausted my Back To The Future quotes!) have become one of the most popular acts in Burton on Trent beyond their initial appeal as rappers amongst rockers. As a source of variety, they prove themselves a welcome, confident pair (trio if you count the DJ) with scene cred as well as street cred. Before I become any less cooler trying to sound cool, I’ll just say this has been Brew Town Music serving you another fine brew of Midlands tunes.

Great Scott’s stuff and other tidbits

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeAreGreatScott

Bandcamp: http://wearegreatscott.bandcamp.com/

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/WeAreGreatScott

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeAreGreatScott

WhoSampled: http://www.whosampled.com/Great-Scott/

Rhymesquare: http://www.rhymesquare.co.uk/

Raptorial Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rap-torial

The Sixth Letter: http://www.thesixthletter.co.uk/

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