Hey man what’s happenin’?

Name: Elliot Hodgett

Port of call: Burton-on-Trent

What this is all about: This place is all about the music scene in Burton-on-Trent and the UK Midlands. It will feature articles, links to musician’s work and general discussion about how even the smallest of towns can breed creativity and have it’s own unique and valuable history.

Why this place instead of another: Being a journalist graduate, I am always interested in the history of things I like and how far that history goes back. This place’s scene struck me, because it contains so much talent and brings in a lot of bigger places’ talent for being a small Midlands town.

Aims: I hope that what this blog can do, for those who know little to nothing about the Midland music scene, is to inspire people to talk about a scene in a place they are from. It doesn’t have to be music, it could be art, theatre, sport etc.

Rules for the Blog

Rule 1: Only acts from Burton and nearby cities will be written about. This rule could be broken for a special occasion though.

Rule 2: No cover bands will have their own article. I want to talk about bands who mostly put out original music. However, if a cover band do covers in a unique or interesting way (like Hayseed Dixie for example), I may be swayed to write about them.


Other than that, I hope you enjoy reading these pieces and give feedback in the comments if you want to. It’d be much appreciated!

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