Brewtown #17: The Arcadians

Arcadians on Fire from left to right: Petch, Cavanagh, Alton, Lenaghan

Arcadians on Fire from left to right: Petch, Cavanagh, Alton, Lenaghan

Continuing from last week’s subject of a young act who’ve only been around for about a year or so, these lads have only been gigging for barely a year but are looking like a promising addition to Brewtown. Put a coin in the slot and start up The Arcadians!

Jamie Cavanagh (lead vocals, lead guitar), Ed Petch (rhythm guitar), Jack Lenaghan (bass) and Dan Alton (drums) look to be a promising new foursome in the same vein of Mario’s Nicotine Parlour who formed around the same time MNP started officially gigging. Coincidence? I THINK…so.

Though they have yet to put on facepaint like Mr Knight here so they're not EXACTLY alike!

Though they have yet to put on facepaint like Mr Knight here so they’re not EXACTLY alike!

With Petch and Alton having been playing music since they were kids and Lenaghan and Cavanagh finding the bass and guitar along the way, half the band and the other half come from two different musical journeys but eventually found themselves performing together as The Arcadians as of March 2013.

Cavanagh, coming down from Doncaster was looking to perform original music but didn’t have much luck with most wanting to go the cover band route. Thinking “just grab the first person with an instrument”, Cavanagh met Alton playing a trombone (band member doubles as a brass player…NO MORE MNP COMPARISONS MR BREWTOWN!) and they clicked very well when talking about music.

Petch and Alton already knew each other and decided that the band they had been talking about forming for a while needed a singer/songwriter, guitarist and bassist. After bringing Lenaghan in for an audition, they decided that’s the one for the band and formed in late Spring of 2013 after waiting on Lenaghan to confirm his place in the band.

But the wait was worth it for this Photoshop job!

But the wait was worth it for this Photoshop job!

Their first gig took place at the Wetmore Whistle in July 2013 supporting Phoenix Salvation and The Decade Runners which not only gave them a decent starting audience but also allowed themselves to be on the bill with two of Burton’s prime music acts.

After racking up some more gigs and mini festival spots in Leicester and Milton Keynes, they scored their first headline gig back at the Whistle at the end of August being supported by Joy & Ali and Mario’s Nicotine Parlour.

Come October, after a stint of Derby and Leicester gigs in September, the band released their first single or maybe double in this case Catch Your Breath/Dirty Savannah on the 11th under Trap 6 Records, the same label that released Get Cubs’ album To The Mountains and Canada EP.

To finish off the month, they supported Phoenix Salvation’s EP launch on the 25th and the next day were on the bill for the Derbyshire ExFest festival for Derbyshire Music Explorer Scouts where they were very well-received by the young audience.

Finger mask=well-received! Scouts code of honour Section 8 Par 3

Finger mask=well-received! Music Scouts code of honour Section 8 Par 3

In December, Cavanagh returned to his hometown of Doncaster to perform with The Arcadians at the Toast bar (with a nice glass of milk, I mean White Russian!) and The Empire in Swadlincote along with Genziani’s Jukebox to promote Trap 6 Records.

Going into 2014, they’re set to perform at the Less Than Three festival taking place at The Victoria Inn in April, which will feature not only MNP, but also Nottingham-based House of Thieves and Sheffield indie sensations The Sherlocks.

As a relatively new band, this writer apologizes for the smaller amount of information on this band than for other bands, but give them time and they will fulfil their Arcadian heritage and one day usher their goat god Pan to perform a busting pipe solo alongside them!

If you could also bring Bill Hicks with you, that would also be appreciated Randy Pan!

But nevertheless, how does their music fare? As I have just put above, their name derives not from video game arcades (yes I put an VG arcade-related pun in the opening paragraph. Sue me!), but from the Greek land of Arcadia where the legend of the rustic, cheeky music god Pan originates. Their music does give off a certain air of that.

The music of the Arcadians can cite influences vocally from Joe Strummer and Billy Bragg to bring in a punk-ish vibe (Beer Goggles On) to the affair and musically shows shades of The Smiths to provide the alternative-ey vibe (Savannah). Yes, I just said alternative-ey! Wot mate? WOT!?

It is quite impressive to see this band be as well-received as they have around the Midlands and, of course, their songs are to thank for that. One song in particular of theirs I recommend would be Catch Your Breath.

The song immediately takes off strong with punk rock chords and Cavanagh brings in his flair for writing a song with a story by showing us how he shows a girl a good time and how he makes her ‘catch her breath’ through him being such a gentleman.

It’s not the most conventional way to go in the punk rock direction but it’s at least a good contrast from how damning and angry the genre can be which makes for a good contrast.

Even though their back catalogue of this band isn’t large yet, what they’ve provided so far is pretty promising and is an interesting preview for whatever EPs will come. Check them out and see.

Do it! Goat boy is watching you!

Do it! Goat boy is watching you!

So that’s The Arcadians, another rock quartet that have established themselves pretty quickly in the Brewtown scene with a satisfying taste of what is to come. Whether they’ll be as big as say, Star From Ivy is another story, but only time will tell. Until that time comes, this has been Brewtown Music serving you another fine brew of Midlands tunes.

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